Advances in Industrial Engineering

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نام مجله: Advances in Industrial Engineering
p-ISSN: 24236888
دسته بندی: فنی و مهندسی
دسته بندی: صنایع
رتبه ارزیابی: ب
ناشر: University of Tehran
صاحب امتیاز: دانشگاه تهران
زبان مجله: فارسی
نوع انتشار: الکترونیکی
اعتبار سابق مجله: علمی پژوهشی
ایندکس: DOAJ
ایندکس: magiran
سایر ایندکس ها: publons .researchgate linkedin

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مجله علمی Advances in Industrial Engineering با ISSN چاپی 24236888 یک مجله علمی پژوهشی از نشریات مورد تائید وزارتین و دانشگاه ها می باشد. صاحب امتیاز مجله Advances in Industrial Engineering دانشگاه تهران می باشد که مقالات را به زبان فارسی و به صورت الکترونیکی به چاپ می رساند. در چاپ مقاله Advances in Industrial Engineering به گروه علمی آن فنی و مهندسی و زیرگروه علمی آن صنایع دقت نمائید. آدرس وب سایت نشریه Advances in Industrial Engineering برابر با می باشد. ایندکس های ژرونال Advances in Industrial Engineering برابر با DOAJ و magiran می باشد. برای نگارش، پذیرش و چاپ مقاله در نشریه Advances in Industrial Engineering ، حیطه فعالیت آن را که در زیر آمده است مطالعه نمائید. همچنین برای چاپ مقاله در مجله Advances in Industrial Engineering می توانید کلیه مراحل آماده سازی مقاله از استخراج، ویراستاری ارسال مقاله به نشریه و اخذ پذیرش و چاپ را از خدمات ژورنال یاب استفاده نمائید. تنها کافیست فرم تماس در این صفحه را تکمیل نمائید تا کارشناسان ما با شما تماس بگیرند.

حیطه فعالیت مجله Advances in Industrial Engineering

The Advances in Industrial Engineering (AIE) is an international journal publishing high quality, original papers that contribute to the theory and practice of Industrial Engineering discipline. The main focus of AIE is on quantitative/analytical modeling (e.g. Mathematical Modelling and Optimization techniques) in all areas of Industrial Engineering. AIE Publishes the following types of papers

a)     Theoretical and Methodological Researches: Contains original results contributing to the methodology and to its theoretical foundations

b)     Innovative and Practical Applications: Contains original and novel approaches to solve real problems

c)     Invited Reviews from Editor: Contains comprehensive review over a specific recent years within the scope of Industrial Engineering


AIE is a journal for researchers and practitioners in industrial engineering, systems engineering, Manufacturing engineering, operations research and management science, industrial and financial management and business. It is also an informative and academic reference for practitioners seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their systems 

:The journal will cover all topics related to Industrial Engineering, including (but not limited to) the following

Business and decision analysis

Data Science

Energy and Environmental Management/Economics/Policy

Facility location, layout, design

Financial engineering and management

Uncertainty Programming (using for example Fuzzy set theory, Robust/stochastic optimization, etc.)

Human factors and ergonomics

Health Care systems

Inventory management

Manufacturing, process/system/control and automation

Multi-criteria decision making

Operations Research (e.g Linear, Integer and nonlinear Programming models)

Product/process design and management

Production planning and Scheduling

Project/operations management,

Pricing and Revenue Management

Quality, reliability and maintenance engineering

Logistics engineering

Risk management

Service systems/management

Simulation and Optimization

Soft Computing

Supply chain management

Sustainability/ environment, economic and social issues



The main goal of AIE is to present state of-the-art, high quality original research, and novel developments in all areas of industrial engineering, including both methodological and practical aspects in industry and service sectors, for audiences of academics and practitioners. Moreover, AIE aims to publish new knowledge for improving industrial practices and theoretical developments and to strengthen the methodology base necessary for supporting appropriate decision making



AIE provides a platform for the dissemination of knowledge, information, and new developments among academics, professionals, researchers, practitioners and policy makers, working in the broad field of industrial engineering discipline



AIE publishes original full length papers, as well as comprehensive reviews of special areas in the related field invited by Editor. Of course, those case studies and real-world applications using mathematical modelling and optimization techniques are particularly welcomed


Submission and Review Process

All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial evaluation by the Editor, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by at least two anonymous expert referees. All peer reviews are single-blinded and submission is online via editorial system supported by the University of Tehran

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